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the Story

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There's something new on grey avenue...


There’s Something New on Grey Avenue features a lonely boy and a dog who are sad to discover that the world has lost its color. They find one single colored leaf and follow it in hopes of finding more colors. The leaf takes them on an adventure across America where they meet new people and catch a glimpse into the rich, diverse world in which we live.

There are so many parents (aunts, uncles, and grandparents, too!) who dream of a more compassionate world but aren’t sure how to start the conversation with their children. There’s Something New on Grey Avenue bridges the gap and acts as a catalyst for discussions about race, protests, gender equality, and more. With its message that diversity is what brings color and life to our world, the book will inspire as well as teach.

There’s Something New on Grey Avenue is a story of hope that boils a complex political situation into a simple message for kids and adults: Diversity is nothing to be afraid of. Join in May 16, 2017 by visiting the Kickstarter Page and clicking on the “Back This Project” button to support the campaign for There’s Something New on Grey Avenue.


the Author


meet the author & illustrator


Jonathan Veith is the Creative Director of Dactylion Creative Studio. A storyteller by day and a reader by night, he has long been impressed by the power of art to transform our lives. 

Jonathan grew up in southern Indiana where he earned a degree in Philosophy from Indiana University. He began his career working in nonprofits supporting adults with developmental disabilities and guiding clients to express themselves through advocacy and art. After moving to St. Louis and losing his mother in 2015, Jonathan turned to art and storytelling to process dramatic changes in his own life. While having spent many years engaged in the arts, it was during this time he recognized how art can be a life-line for people in difficult times. In 2016, Jonathan co-founded Dactylion Creative Studio to focus full-time on design and storytelling. His first children’s book, There's Something New on Grey Avenue, tackles the issues of loneliness, mental health, and socio-political change through the journey of a small boy and a dog. 


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